What People Really Look Like

18 Sep

Dale Favier

This short, sweet piece by a Portland-area massage therapist Dale Favier is well worth passing along.  Do yourself a favor and read it (along with other, lovely, subsequent posts by the same man).

Here is a taste:

I’ve been a massage therapist for many years, now. I know what people look like.
People have been undressing for me for a long time. I know what you look like: a glance at you, and I can picture pretty well what you’d look like on my table.
Let’s start here with what nobody looks like: nobody looks like the people in magazines or movies. Not even models. Nobody. Lean people have a kind of rawboned, unfinished look about them that is very appealing. But they don’t have plump round breasts and plump round asses. You have plump round breasts and a plump round ass, you have a plump round belly and plump round thighs as well. That’s how it works. (And that’s very appealing too.)
Woman have cellulite. All of them. It’s dimply and cute. It’s not a defect. It’s not a health problem. It’s the natural consequence of not consisting of photoshopped pixels, and not having emerged from an airbrush …
Go on, read the rest!
NeckThis beautiful perspective makes me so grateful … for yoga, for the teachings, for my teachers, for my body, for my students, and for my amazing massage therapist/body worker, Suzie Cornell (pictured at left, giving me a Structural Medicine treatment).
You might do yourself another favor and schedule an appointment with her.
She helps me glow!

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