New Moon ~ New Year ~ re-New Yoga!

31 Dec

Tomorrow evening—Wednesday, January 1, 2014—marks the first new moon of 2014 … And how appropriate!  The new moon phase corresponds to a fresh slate, a clearing out, a cleansing, a final detoxification and an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for what does.


This is the perfect time for reflection, to look back over the past and celebrate our growth.  It is the perfect time for a practice called Surrender, where we can reflectively observe what we may be grasping onto that is no longer needed.  I invite you, before the new year, to take some moments to make a list, or paint a picture, or write a poem ~ use any form of your own creative expression that helps you get out of your intellectual mind and into a less inhibited mental space ~ and surrender what no longer serves.  You may even wish to write each quality on a small piece of paper, then have a fire and send each into the flame, one by one, as a symbolic metaphor of letting go.  I’ll start!

I deeply and completely surrender …

  • Anxiety
  • Illusions of control
  • The need to be in control
  • Tightness in my belly
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Worries about school
  • Concerns about grades
  • Tendencies to over-commit
  • Lack of clarity
  • Over-scheduling
  • Worries about my family’s health
  • Concerns about my sisters
  • Urgency
  • Chocolate
  • Resistance
  • Tamasic energy surrounding my daily practice
  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Avoidance
  • Frustration

Ahh, feeling lighter already!  Feel free to share your own surrenderings below!

After the shift between new moon—when the moon is completely shadowed—and the begin of the “wax,”—where a crescent sliver of light appears, then builds and builds toward becoming full, we too can shift toward a sense of fullness of intention.

Again, this is such an appropriate time of year, with many of us considering new year’s “resolutions” (I prefer to deem them new year’s intentions, and this Yoga International article offers a beautiful yogic perspective on just how to discover your new years intentions).

Ancient folk wisdom says that when the moon is on the wax, we more effectively cultivate new habits and dreams, as it is a time of greater absorption.  Here is the perfect opportunity to invite, or call in, what we wish to cultivate, build, gain, absorb, or create—in our lives.  Do this with a commitment to your highest self, and you will find that these intentions gently and slowly come to be.


I invite whole-heartedly …

  • Love
  • Connection
  • Union
  • Steadiness
  • Nourishment to my body
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily asana/yoga
  • Seva (service)
  • Abundance
  • Gratitude for my gifts
  • The opportunity to share my gifts
  • A deeper love & more expansive relationships
  • Healing
  • Clarity on my path
  • Realization of my highest self
  • Artistic and creative expression
  • Grace and balance in school
  • Time with Nathan
  • Balance
  • Inspiration
  • Time with friends
  • Time outside
  • Clarity, support & healing for friends and family

What will you cultivate in 2014?

I am so excited do more intentional work with the 2014 Restorative Reiki Workshop participants this Saturday!  Even if you are not attending the workshop, please feel free to share your Surrender & Intention exercise in a comment below, or by e-mailing me.  I would be thrilled to post your photos or poems ~ any expressions you come up with ~ to share and inspire, so together we can cultivate a community vision for the new year!

Moon ~ Inspired Asana:

Ardha Chandrasana (half-moon pose)


Balancing, strength-building, focusing, stress-relieving, digestion-improving.  Especially beneficial during menstruation, helps strengthen the hips, deep abdominal core, and back, and can help with sciatica.
Use a block, or practice against a wall to play with balance.  Watch a brief demo here!

Enjoy the festivities, and don’t forget to take some time for yourself, to reflect, absorb, and renew.

ॐ Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. ॐ


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