Reflections on the Restorative Reiki Workshop

5 Jan

What an incredibly powerful workshop!  I feel so privileged to be in a position to share the energy of Reiki and the beautiful philosophy and life-science of Yoga with participants at the Restorative Reiki Workshop: Intention-Setting for the New Year.

“What you seek   …
is seeking you.”


We worked through four stages of preparation–each in a different restorative yoga asana–by practicing mindful embodiment (being truly present in and listening to our bodies), reflection on past joys and learnings, opening our hearts to a deep sense of gratitude for all, and surrendering to discover our Deepest Heart’s Desires (which were inside all along, and once discovered, served as our Intentions at the culmination of the workshop).

Below are some examples of Restorative Postures:


Restorative Yoga Postures offer us a chance to experience passive, deep, mindful (and sub-conscious) healing.  Spending up to twenty minutes in postures that are fully supported by bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps, our bodies are invited to truly surrender ~ letting go of tension on a deeper and deeper level with each exhalation.  Not only does this practice support the alignment of our physical body, but it also teaches us how to cultivate a still, clear mind–the alignment of our subtle body–which is being shown over and over in scientific communities to have myriad benefits.

The Reiki healing attunement and hands-on adjustments throughout the workshop helped clear the space for deeper, more whole and uninhibited healing to occur, aligning our energy and awareness toward our greatest good.

“Our instinctual desire for periods of stillness and reflection to digest and process our daily experience is always within us.  Creating time for this, either as a formal or informal meditation practice, enables us to address life’s discomforts as they arise.

We already spend hours of every day forgetting we have a body.  To be alive is to be embodied.

As you begin to quiet the mind from busy thoughts, discomfort raises its head, begging for attention.  An emotion, belief, or memory may surface.  Instead of analyzing the story behind it, let your body feel the sensation that accompanies it.  You might even take this sensation out of the body.  Ask it questions about what it might need or actions you might take.  When discomforts are engaged as messengers, they can become allies.”

~ Jacqui Neruater in Yoga Chicago Magazine

What a gift!  To be able to slow down long enough to discover our deepest heart’s desires, then make a commitment ~ pen-to-page, then voicing it aloud ~ to our Intention.  But perhaps it is not a gift, but our duty, our promise to ourselves, a virtue: “Leisure is not the privilege of a few who can afford to take time, but the virtue of all who are willing to give time to what takes time–to give as much time as a task rightly takes.” -Brother David Steindl-Rast

By setting aside our daily time for meditation, reflection, art-making, love-making, we are serving the greatest good, nourishing ourselves so that we can be of greater service to all.

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”

~Albert Einstein

I offer a heart-felt thanks to each of you for making the time for what matters.  2014 is going to be an incredible year!

And here … let us honor our intentions:

“I am already whole.”

“I am peace.”

“I am already healed.”

“I love my body!”

“I radiate health & vitality.”

“I take the time I need to nourish my heart every day.”

“I am already nourished and strong.”

Thank you, thank you, for co-creating a world full of love and light.  Please feel free to reflect, respond, or add your own intention below.



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