Go Seahawks!

25 Jan

Those of you who know me might be confused by this post … I’m not typically one to follow football (or any sport, for that matter).  But since our very own Seattle Seahawks have made it to the Super Bowl this season, and since they have mandated yoga & meditation as a part of their training, I am happy to share this article from ESPN.

Source: ESPN.com

Photo by Peter Yang ~ Source: ESPN.com

From the article:

All Seahawks players are encouraged to use the support staff the way employees in the business world rely on a human resources department. Depressed? Worried about a loved one? Sick pet? The staff wants to hear about it. And if a player is dragging at practice, a coach will be proactive and ask why — instead of jumping to conclusions and berating him in front of his teammates. That includes assistant head coach Tom Cable, the former hothead coach of the Raiders. “I always coached how my coaches coached me,” he says. Working alongside Carroll, 48-year-old Cable says he finally feels as though he’s working with players the right way. “If I go ballistic on a guy because he dropped his outside hand or missed an underneath stunt, who is wrong? I am,” Cable says. “I’m attacking his self-confidence and he’s learning that if he screws up, he’s going to get yelled at. If you make a mistake here, it’s going to get fixed.”

What a positive shift!  Read the rest here.

Bottom line: yoga offers myriad benefits that are applicable to anyone (A.K.A. you don’t have to be a hippie and wear tights to do yoga … although, football players do wear tights … ).



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