16 Feb

Yoga in the wild … there’s nothing better!


Nathan and I have enjoyed some nearby hikes over the past weekends, and of course, we’ve practiced yoga on each of our adventures (above, yoga in the Baker River, where at one point Nathan dove in to his waist to get “the perfect shot!”).  I wanted to share some of these with my community.

When we were playing with balance at Deception State Park this weekend, we discovered an entirely new practice by stacking pebbles as high as we could on our physical bodies in various asanas ~ It was a fun way to incorporate nature and find a deeper sense of inner stillness.  For me, having the rocks stacked on my knees while seated felt very grounding, and then when Nathan began stacking the rocks onto my head, I had to instantly drop into a state of deep inner focus in order to keep them from tumbling … and it worked!  After the practice I was able to maintain the same sense of calm, centered focus throughout the rest of the hike.  It was far more powerful than I had expected, and I plan to incorporate some stones into my home practice and explore what depth can be found … I invite you to do the same!

Here are some of the highlights from our happy trails.

We didn’t see any whales this time around, but we continue to look!


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