Yoga as Medicine

8 Mar


When I received  Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health & Healing , by Timothy McCall Smith, MD as a birthday gift, I couldn’t put it down: with each page I turned, my yoga-nerdiness kicked into high gear.

The book offers an accessible definition of yoga as medicine, introduces readers to the modern and ancient science of yoga, and outlines research and case studies for what the author calls “Yoga Therapy in Action”–which includes treatments for complaints like arthritis, panic attacks, headaches, cancer, IBS, MS, obesity and more.  Not only can you follow the paths of many folks who have found healing through yoga (and many teachers who use yoga therapeutically), but Dr. McCall Smith includes a vast number of exercises and how-to’s that you can implement in your own life (pictures included!).

If you are interested in an overview of what yoga has to offer the field of…

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One Response to “Yoga as Medicine”

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