Just Breathe.

24 Mar

Ginger Garner, a Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor, writes in The Amazing Diaphragm about the research on breath control and how breathing quality can be an indicator of other health concerns.  A great read!

Here is an excerpt:

As little as a few minutes of deep breathing can begin to change your stress response and improve your health.

Ginger Garner

Also, enjoy a sweet, related article by Rolf Sovik called Drawing the Diaphragm.

Breath awareness is a practice you can do at home, any time.  Notice your breath.  See if you can, without too much effort, lengthen and slow the duration of your in-breath.  You may choose to count.  As you exhale, can you allow the out-breath to last a few beats longer?  Continuing in this way for just 2-4 minutes can result in big impacts on your health and happiness!


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