I am now a doTERRA person, and Yoga Classes are going to smell AWESOME!

23 Apr

I am excited to announce that I have recently signed on with doTERRA and will be using more essential oils in yoga classes than ever before!  Also, stay tuned for essential oils-infused yoga & meditation workshops and classes, coming soon!

And if you like, you can order oils online through my Wellness Advocate page (retail prices).  If you’re interested in the oils and intend to use them frequently, you might consider joining doTERRA ($35 for the first year) to get all wholesale prices.  I would be so excited hook you up!

Jesie's doTERRA page

It’s been very fun to learn more about the benefits of essential oils, and in my experience with doTERRA, the quality really does make a big difference.

My most profound experience so far has been with using the Balance oil blend: I rub it on my wrists every day before I head to school and have been impressed by the subtle yet steady reduction in my anxiety this quarter.  Nathan and I have been calming our seasonal allergies and his sinus troubles with the Breathe oil blend.  I just sent a bottle of doTERRA’s Deep Blue Muscle Rub to my parents and I can’t wait to hear what they think of it!

I have been struck by the quality difference in these oils versus oils I’v purchased in the past from the CoOp or Sup-Supp’s.  I never much cared for the smell of lavender oil because it felt sort of sharp and abrasive when I smelled it (definitely not what I was expecting when I thought it would calm me to sleep), but when I smelled the doTERRA lavender, it was sweet, soothing and just delightful.  Same with Tea Tree Oil: other brands typically need dilution and I’ve even burned my skin, whereas doTERRA’s Melaleuca is soothing, smells nicer, and can be applied topically without the burning sensations I’ve had with other oils.

I’m really getting into the healing properties of these wonderful oils, and I can’t wait to share more with my community!


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