YogAscent ~ What does it Mean?

27 Jan

I have had a number of people recently inquire about YogAscent, the name I chose to represent my yoga offerings.  Synchronistically, the breaking it down to the word “scent” works, as I often use doTERRA Essential Oils in my classes and I enjoy the many fragrances and their relaxing and therapeutic effects.  But that was not my intention in using this name.

Yoga + Ascent:
Heighten Your Practice
Elevate Your Consciousness


I love climbing.  But it doesn’t come easily to me.  So this name, to me, refers to doing the step-by-step-by-step work of ascending a mountain.  It’s not easy, though many points along the way are fantastic.  And the reward–the summit–is more magical than we could have imagined, bringing new perspective, clarity of mind, and a sense of expansion, of peace.  To me, this is the yoga journey.  “Ascent” in YogAscent refers to the process of consciously and systematically rising above our perceived limitations.  Step by step, breath by breath, it refers to going beyond our ordinary existence and finding, connecting to, our True Self.  Gaining access to our highest potential, and living from that place.


On the yoga journey there too is a summit (it has been called God-Realization, Nirvana, merging with the divine, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Ananda, bliss).  We live the journey.  For yogis, there is ever more to unveil, more depth to find, more connection to feel.  It’s the journey that matters, the practice.

So, step by step, breath by breath, we ascend.



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