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See You Later!

23 Jul


Classes with Jessie are on hold as she begins her journey in Physical Therapy School.  Check here for a listing of local teachers and studios.  May you find the perfect fit.

Also, Jessie will be back and forth between Washington State and West Virginia, as she plans to offer workshops when she returns to the West Side of WA for her Clinical Rotations.  Stay tuned by subscribing to her email list or following YogAscent on Facebook!

ॐMay all being be happy.  May all beings be free.  May all beings know peace.ॐ


Skagit Area Yoga Studios

16 Jun

grey-blue_yogascent_logo.jpgTo my dear yoga students,

I will be leaving for West Virginia in early August, where I will be gaining invaluable life and clinical experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy student (yay!).  My ultimate goal is to come back to the Valley, open up an outpatient clinic / holistic healing center (complete with a horse barn for hippotherapy!), teach yoga and offer Physical Therapy services all under one roof.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to combine all of my (diverse) passions and also to truly serve you all better.  I am so grateful for this incredible gift and opportunity and I promise to make the very most of my education and time away.

This next leg of my journey will last three years.  I trust that each of you will find an amazing new yoga teacher in that time and that you will continue to grow in your lifelong yoga practice.  I am honored to know many talented local instructors; we are so fortunate to have beautiful yoga studios as well as experienced individuals willing to teach you in your own home. Finding a teacher is a very personal journey, and as you can see there is a wide range of diverse yoga offerings right here in the valley.  If you have trouble knowing where to start, I would be happy to point you in a direction.

When I first began my yoga journey in Chicago (over ten years ago), I remember finding every free class I could and rotating throughout the city, piecing together a practice I could afford at that time … I experienced many different teachers and grew so much from their varied perspectives. Be bold. Try new things. Enjoy the journey.  Open your heart. There is so much to learn.

I invite you to find the Skagit Yoga Community on Facebook, where you can meet some teachers & practitioners and join in the conversation about all things Yoga in the Valley and beyond.

I have done my best to compile this list; however, the community is always in flux so there may be some out of date information or new folks not included. No one was left out intentionally; the list is in alphabetical order.

Much love and peace to you on your new yoga journey! Keep in touch. Practice a little every day.


Skagit Area Yoga

Ahimsa Yoga Studio, Mount Vernon
519 South First Street
Mount Vernon WA 98274

Anne Taylor, Camano Island
Kundalini Yoga

Anusara Yoga by Alexis, LaConner

Baview Yoga, Bow
Krista Squibb

Blissdog Yoga, Anacortes
Kit Muehlman

Body Free Yoga & Pilates, Concrete
Suzy Cornell

Burlington Parks and Recreation Yoga

Center of Holistic Wellness, Sedro Woolley
609 Murdock Street
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Crescent Moon Yoga, LaConner

Cutlas Mountain Yoga at the Woolley Market, Sedro Woolley
Sylvia Trask

Expressive Fit, Stanwood & Skype Yoga
Dawn New

Flow Motion Yoga, Ferndale

Kathleen Grimbly
Kripalu, Structural Yoga Therapy & Egoscue Method at your location

Lulu Lemon, Burlington
Inquire about yoga classes in-store

United General Fitness Center, Sedro Woolley
Lynne McNett

Maya Skakti Yoga & Wellness Center, Anacortes
708 Commercial Avenue

Movement Arts, Camano Island

Pamela Nixon / Nirmal Kaur, Anacortes
Kundalini Yoga

Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge, Burlington
(360) 230-1349

Riverside Health Club, Mount Vernon & Sedro Woolley
MV: 360-424-4200
SW: 360-854-9285

Riverwalk Yoga Studio, Mount Vernon
117 N. 1st St. Ste 5 (Carnation Building)
Mount Vernon, WA

Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon

Skagit Valley YMCA, Mount Vernon

Skagit Yoga & Neurotherapy, Bow & your location
Kate Bowers
(360) 766-4282

Studio 1010, Anacortes
1010 6th St. Anacortes

Yoga Gypsies, Everywhere
Dawn Jex

Yoga at the Keystone Center for the Arts, Anacortes
dunja lingwood & Ricky Knue
619 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA

Yoga@hOMe Classes, Clear Lake
Anne Martin

Yoga HeArt Space, Mount Vernon & Anacortes
Simme Bobrosky

May you find the perfect fit!  Om shanti shanti shanti.

One final note.

Where do I practice?
Personally, I have found my teacher at Yoga Northwest--an Iyengar Yoga Studio in Fairhaven.  Lauron Ray‘s Friday Night Yoga Class is the perfect endcap to any week, and he blends anatomical precision with heart and a great sense of humor for a class that always leaves me feeling refreshed, open, and whole.  He is a master at offering a class that challenges any level student (I took his Level I class with my boyfriend, Nathan, for years and was always amazed at how that class continually deepened and refined my asana practice). As a lover of alignment, I have truly learned volumes from Lauron; my students have unknowingly benefitted greatly from his teachings (through me)!  If you try Lauron’s class, I have no doubt that it will feel familiar.  And I honestly trust any YNW teacher to keep students safe and healthy in body mind and spirit.

It’s a bit of a drive, but certainly worth the trip … especially if you take Chuckanut!


Go-To Yoga for Your Desk Job

8 Apr

Yoga is a wonderful practice you can incorporate into any part of your life.  If you are like 4 out of 5 Americans who have a desk job, it is even more important to bring some healthy, vital movement & breath into your workday.

Here are 5 poses you can integrate into your workplace that fit into a cubicle.


Printable versionDesk Yoga

Feel free to share with your coworkers!

YogAscent ~ What does it Mean?

27 Jan

I have had a number of people recently inquire about YogAscent, the name I chose to represent my yoga offerings.  Synchronistically, the breaking it down to the word “scent” works, as I often use doTERRA Essential Oils in my classes and I enjoy the many fragrances and their relaxing and therapeutic effects.  But that was not my intention in using this name.

Yoga + Ascent:
Heighten Your Practice
Elevate Your Consciousness


I love climbing.  But it doesn’t come easily to me.  So this name, to me, refers to doing the step-by-step-by-step work of ascending a mountain.  It’s not easy, though many points along the way are fantastic.  And the reward–the summit–is more magical than we could have imagined, bringing new perspective, clarity of mind, and a sense of expansion, of peace.  To me, this is the yoga journey.  “Ascent” in YogAscent refers to the process of consciously and systematically rising above our perceived limitations.  Step by step, breath by breath, it refers to going beyond our ordinary existence and finding, connecting to, our True Self.  Gaining access to our highest potential, and living from that place.


On the yoga journey there too is a summit (it has been called God-Realization, Nirvana, merging with the divine, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Ananda, bliss).  We live the journey.  For yogis, there is ever more to unveil, more depth to find, more connection to feel.  It’s the journey that matters, the practice.

So, step by step, breath by breath, we ascend.


TONIGHT! Moving into Stillness …

30 Dec

Embodied Intention Setting for the New Year


Painting by artist Claudia Tremblay

Join Suzy, Sylvia and Jessie for a two and a half hour workshop to help you connect with your body and set a deeply inspired intention for the new year.

Wednesday December 30, 2016
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sedro Woolley Physical Therapy
$5-$15 sliding scale

100% of proceeds will be donated to Animals As Natural Therapy.  ANT offers healing programs based on the knowledge that animals can teach humans important life skills: respect for self and others, trust-building, and clear communication. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, ANT operates out of Windy Acres, a one-hundred-year-old, 5-acre farm in Bellingham. Windy Acres provides a peaceful, secluded spot for animal and human partners to practice their healing work. Over the past decade, ANT has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults.  Learn more here!

The Workshop

Take the classical New Years Resolutions deeper inside for an experience that won’t fade as the year progresses.  When we connect with our physical bodies, we can open a gateway to a deeper truth.  As we listen inward, we can find surprising insights that, if we choose, can guide us through this new year.

This Workshop is open to beginners and all levels.  We will begin with a warm up, exploring gentle yoga and graceful ballet movements led by Sylvia, Certified Registered Yoga Instructor.  Suzy, Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist, will guide us through some Tai Chi, Yoga, and neuro-facilitation movements to really connect with flow.  Jessie, Experienced Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor, will bring us into stillness with a gentle cool down and an Intention-Setting meditation.

Throughout this workshop, we will quiet the mind and connect within to find our highest intention from inside, then set it strongly and affirm it within a supportive community setting, establishing the foundation for a New Year guided by our embodied insights.

No previous yoga experience required.  Bring a mat if you have one, don’t worry if you don’t (yoga mats will be provided).  Bring your friends!  You may RSVP to reserve your spot, or just come join us the day of.


“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”


All proceeds benefit Cascade Job Corps HEAL program.

The Instructors

Jessie-ProfileJessie Tierney is a 320-hour Yoga Alliance Certified & Registered Yoga Instructor through the Shambhava School of Yoga.  She is en route to Physical Therapy school, where she plans to integrate yoga, horses, and the outdoors with Physical Therapy for a complete, holistic approach to  healing that addresses the physical, emotional, and subtle body.  Yoga transformed Jessie’s life in profound ways, and she is deeply honored to offer this empowering practice to others.  She currently teaches at the Sedro Woolley Center for Holistic Wellness.  Learn more about Jessie at and; contact her via phone 312.857.3454 or Jessie Yoga at gmail dot com.

suzieSuzy Cornell was born and raised in Seattle, WA and received her BA in Physical Education from Western Washington University in 1985.  She has over 20 years experience in the field of Adult Fitness and has taught Yoga and Pilates for over 10 years.  She received her yoga certification from Pacific Yoga at The Yoga Tree in Seattle, and has continued her education through YogaFit, Inc, obtaining certifications in Levels 1-5, Prenatal Yoga and YogaFit for Seniors.  She was certified in Pilates through Balance Within in Redmond.  She currently teaches at the Sedro Woolley Center for Holistic Wellness.  Learn more about Suzy at, contact her via phone 206.669.0857 or email her from her site.

Sylvia_TraskSylvia Trask began practicing yoga at age 10, inspired by the quiet it brought her inside.  She studies her yoga bible, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar.  Sylvia has shared her practice for four decades in many settings: on the trail with fellow backpackers and trail maintenance friends, in the classroom, in ballet and yoga studios, and naturally into whatever setting she finds herself in.  Yoga is a central element in Sylvia’s life and flows freely into everything else, including ballet, massage therapy and her gardens.  Sylvia currently teaches yoga at the Woolley Market three days per week.  Contact Sylvia for more information: 360-707-8321.

Help us spread the word!

(flier coming soon)

New Punch Cards

2 Dec

Punch Cards

If your punch card has expired, come in for classes in December-quick!  All expired punch cards will be purged January 1st.  

Starting in January, punch cards will expire 3 months to the day from when they were purchased.  It is my intention that this will help you make the commitment to prioritize your yoga practice and come consistently to class.  This way, the class can progress and we can all grow together!

10 classes for $100
The best value for those of you who intend to come regularly to yoga.  This option gives you three months for ten classes.  That’s $5 off each class – a tremendous $50 savings!

8 classes for $90
This is a good option if you’re looking for a great value but might not be as consistent with classes.  This option gives you three months to attend eight classes and saves you $30.

Drop in rate is $15 per class

How to purchase
Punch cards can be purchased in person with Jessie or online at my secure shop (I can ship them to you or give them to you when you attend your first yoga class).  Punch cards are a great holiday gift idea!

Both class passes expire three months from the date of purchase.


Note:  Punch cards can now be used for either Back Care Yoga classes on Fridays (must RSVP ahead of time with 48 hours notice of need to cancel for a refund – no exceptions) or All Levels Yoga Classes on Thursday nights. 

Holiday Gift Bags!

28 Nov

I hope you all have received a holiday gift bag from our wonderful circle of local healers (just scroll down to meet them!) by now.  If not, join me for a yoga class and pick one up!

My contribution to the bags was a small dram of doTERRA essential oil for you to enjoy this holiday season.  Your dram contains one of the following oils (which are my personal favorites!), plus MANY more goodies complements of Jelan …  Read on to learn more about how to enjoy your doTERRA oils and meet the practitioners responsible for your gift bags!

Balance_15mlBalance® Grounding Blend

  • USES: Aromatic, Topical, No Dilution Needed
  • Promotes whole-body relaxation
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance

OnGuard_15mlOnGaurd® Protective Blend

  • USES: Aromatic, Topical, Internal, Dilute for young or sensitive skin
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Protects against environmental threats
  • Cleanses surfaces
  • Purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation
  • Energizing and uplifting aroma

AromaTouch_15mlAromaTouch® Massage Blend

  • USES: Aromatic, Topical, No Dilution Needed
  • Relaxes muscles and soothes joints
  • Promotes circulation
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response


  • Uses: Aromatic, topical – no need for dilution, internal
  • Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities
  • Soothes occasional skin irritations
  • Helps skin recover quickly
  • Eases muscle tension

Slim & Sassy®  Metabolic Blendslimsassy_15ml

  • Uses: aromatic, topical and internal
  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Helps manage hunger cravings
  • Calms your stomach and lifts your mood
  • Diuretic stimulant and calorie free

How to use Essential Oils

There are so many ways for you to enjoy your oils!

  • A few drops on the clay charm necklace that is included in your gift bag!
  • One drop on the wrist, rub wrists together, then rub on your neck near your lymph nodes
  • Add to a witch hazel spray for a yoga mat cleaner or all-purpose household cleaner
  • Rub a drop or two into the bottoms of your feet

A Note from Jelan:

The Holiday Gift Bags are up and running!  Much thanks and gratitude goes out to this amazing circle of healers for making these little bits of holiday cheer such a huge success!  I could not have done it with out you!

I would like to acknowledge T. L. Garrett of Mountain Sunrise Pottery for creating the darling little charms you will find in your gift bag.  Teri does beautiful pottery.  Many of you have seen some of her pieces in my salon.  She specializes in “functional ~ unique ~ wearable ~ beautiful” pieces.  You may contact her at or 406-696-5195 for customized orders.

The charm has not been glazed on purpose.  It is porous to hold and absorb a drop or two of an essential oil to carry your aroma therapy blend with you throughout the day.  They may be worn as a necklace or simply placed near you on your desk, in your car, on your nightstand, wherever you wish.  They make a nice addition to your meditation / prayer practice, or simply to freshen the air in a stuffy environment.  One drop of essential oil will last for several days.  If you have questions about essential oils or would like to purchase additional oils, contact Jessie.  Enjoy!

In addition to the charms, you will find a few small tumbled stones with a brief description of the healing properties for which they may be used.  To use a stone for healing purposes, take a moment or two to think about an area in your life that you would either like to cultivate or release while holding the stone.  Then simply carry the stone with you in your purse or pocket, or place on your dresser, nightstand, or special place to serve as a gentle reminder to yourself of your intention to create positive change in your life.  Explore your heart and mind and Play!

Wishing Each of You and Your Families a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Many Blessings,


Practitioners you’ll find in your Gift Bag!

Jelan Petersen, Reiki Master / Teacher, Cosmetologist, Proprietor, The Reiki Sylist


“Bringing Beauty to the Body, Mind & Spirit”

Jelan offers a unique healing opportunity for her clients.  Combining the healing energies of unconditional Love and Compassion with traditional salon & spa services, offers a relaxed, fun and safe environment to facilitate subtle shifts of perspective while chatting about day to day events.  Deep healing experiences take place effortlessly as conversations bring issues to the surface.  The energetic environment within the salon offers a reprieve from the outside world, allowing one to connect with their own divine self, relax, rejuvenate, and release.  Healing sessions may be scheduled for more in-depth exploration of your inner being.  Classes may also be scheduled to learn how to connect more clearly with your intuition to heal yourself and others using the healing energy of Reiki.

Jelan combines the healing practices of Reiki,Theta Healing®, Crystal Therapy and her Intuitive Knowledge in her practice.

Hadea Tift, Owner of Skagit Community Acupuncture, Licensed & Board Certified Acupuncturist, Chief Creator

Hadea1Skagit Community Acupuncture provides a radical and yet sensible solution to feeling better on a budget, treating multiple people per hour so that you can afford to come often enough to get better while not breaking the bank.  SCA is a part of a network of practitioners across the country (200 strong!) who believe in offering acupuncture in an affordable setting.  All are individually owned and operated, connected solely by a common goal.

Trained at Bastyr, Hadea uses a Japanese style of needling which is gentle.  She practices distal treatments – meaning that no matter what she is treating (from headaches to back pain to hormonal or digestive issues) she uses acupuncture points that are on your legs, arms, and your head.  Schedule an appointment to experience this unique and effective healing experience for yourself.

Kathleen Sweeney, Reflexologist and owner of the Sedro Woolley Center of Holistic Wellness

Kathleen offers a blend of her many gifts out of the Center of Holistic Wellness, drawing from her most beloved trainings including Intuitive Reflexology, Reiki Raindrop therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, Aromatherapy, custom essential oil blends & perfumes, and plain old fashioned listening!

The Center hosts a lending library, fair trade & local gift store (stop in!), and a myriad of resources including classes, workshops, and healing practitioners to help you find community, wholeness and healing on a deep level.  Sign up for Kathleen’s e-mail list by clicking here.

Suzy Cornell, LMP, CPT, Structural Medicine Specialist, Yoga & Pilates Instructor and owner of Body Free

Suzy Cornell

Suzy integrates her many advanced trainings in the healing arts with an extensive movement background to empower her clients to achieve a high level of freedom and functional ability in their lives.  Through Body Free, she offers hourlong or two-hour massage, Aromatouch, Functional Movement Screens and Structural Medicine treatments out of Concrete and Sedro Woolley.  She also teaches a weekly yoga class at the Center of Holistic Wellness.

Jessie Tierney, Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor & Physical Therapist Aide

Jessie-ProfileI teach therapeutic yoga and offer workshops around the Skagit Valley.  From Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Back Care Yoga and even Horseback Yoga, it is my deepest love to share the benefits of this life-changing practice to all.  I supplement my yoga teaching (and my life) with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils, which I am thrilled to be sharing with all of you.  You can sign up for my e-mail list by clicking here (be sure you check the box that corresponds to your interests!).

DIY all-natural yoga mat cleaner

6 Nov

It’s a great idea to keep your yoga mat clean, and if you love the mat cleaner I provide at SWPT Yoga Classes and Back Care Classes at the Center, you’ll be happy to know that it’s made with love from all natural ingredients, and it is super simple to make your own.  Here is how!

The Recipe

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 15 drops peppermint essential oil (You can use any essential oil you love!  Balance is another favorite, and DoTerra is an awesome company to get pure therapeutic grade essential oils from)

Just shake well, spray down your mat (it doesn’t take much) and wipe dry with a cloth.  Let your mat dry for a few minutes before you roll it up. That’s all it takes for a clean and happy yoga mat!

I sometimes like to spray my mat before my practice so it smells super nice in bhaktasana.

Yoga_ToesHappy cleaning!

General Mat Care

  • If you want a more heavy-duty clean, it is also possible to put your yoga mat into the washing machine on a gentle cycle (cold or warm ~ not hot) with natural laundry detergent.  This is how I usually clean the hayloft yoga mats.  You’ll have to hang your mat to dry.  Another option is to clean it off while you shower!
  • If your mat is super-duper dirty and you want a strong disinfectant, fill the tub up with lukewarm water and vinegar (3:1 ratio if you want to be exact).  Submerge your mat for at least twenty minutes.  Rinse and hang dry.
  • Avoid sunlight exposure or keeping your mat in an area that is close to a heat vent.  It’s a good idea to avoid storing your mat in your car.  It will last longer this way.
  • Some rubber mats, like the eco-friendly Jade Yoga mat pictured above, are better washed with just soap and water (no oils).  Here’s what the company suggests:

“As Jade yoga mats act like sponges – and hold water, we recommend simply wiping the surface of your mat on a regular basis with plain water. If your mat needs an occasional deep cleaning, that is fine, but you should be aware that as Jade mats act like sponges, holding soap and water, you must be prepared to thoroughly rinse and dry your mat. You can wash your mats by soaking in a bathtub, hosing it off or in a front loading washing machine (no agitator) on gentle. We recommend a mild soap. Do not use oils, solvents or harsh abrasives. The yoga mat should then be hung or laid flat to dry. DO NOT DRY IN OR ALLOW PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.”

Woo, they’re serious about avoiding direct sunlight.

  • If you are in the market for a yoga mat, you might check into this review of a few mats by Consumer Search.

Free Yoga Class & Celebration!

28 Oct

Center of Holistic Wellness in Sedro Woolley, WA

This Thursday, October 29th, join Jessie Tierney, E-RYT for a FREE YOGA CLASS, CELEBRATION, and MEDITATION at the Sedro Woolley Center for Holistic Wellness!  (Note: this is the last Thursday Night Yoga class at the Center ~ click for details).


7:00 – 8:00 PM  Yoga Class

8:00 – 8:30 PM Celebration
(wine & chocolate)

8:30 – 9:00 PM Mantra Meditation

Join us!

 … as a heartfelt thank you to all my yoga students who have enabled this class to grow even beyond the walls of the Center!  We will surely miss the ambiance of this special practice space (but if you miss it too much, take a class with Suzy and Cindy, who have classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and sign up for Back Care Yoga with me on Friday mornings which will continue out of the Center.  Also, watch for upcoming Yoga Workshops, like Restorative Yoga, Chakra…

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BIOL 349 Physiology Research Project at WWU

9 Sep


In my Human Physiology course at Western Washington University, we were asked to conduct a research study on a topic of our choice.   My Physiology Lab partners and I studied the impact of Pranayama and Viparita Karani on mean arterial pressure (MAP is a measure of blood pressure) in college-age women.  Above you can see our poster and below a figure from our paper.


Figure 3. Average percent change in mean arterial pressure (MAP) for the treatment and control groups during three time intervals: Posture/Breathing shows the difference between Stages 1 and 2, Recovery is between Stages 2 and 3, and Overall shows the difference between Stages 1 and 3. Error bars show standard error (Tierney et al 2015).

While we did not find a statistically signifiant difference in MAP resulting form the posture; however, we did find that a simple, 5-minute Pranayama practice reduces MAP.  I invite you to have a look at our paper and also take five minutes to practice breathing to the recording I prepared for the study.

Here is a link to the paper.

Here is a link to the breathing recording.

On a side note, our group’s project won Best Poster in our class.
Great work, ladies!


In case you missed it …

22 Jul

The long-awaited Yoga Blanket Folding How-To Video … for your viewing and learning pleasure, from the comfort of your own home!

I have joked so many times about needing to teach an entire class dedicated to the art of yoga blanket folding.  Here’s to spending less time figuring out how to fold a blanket and more time in the juicy postures that we love so much!

Happy folding!


In Gratitude

7 Jul

If you haven’t tried a Hayloft Yoga class yet, don’t let Summer pass you by without treating yourself to this experience! Read on …

I am overwhelmed with gratitude tonight.  We broke a world record up in the Hayloft … fifteen of us lined out our mats and squeezed into the space between hay bales above horse stalls for practice.  I saw kind new faces and dear old friends, and was completely overcome by a sweet, nourishing sense of community.


Sometimes when a large group gets together, it feels scattered or rambunctious, but tonight’s practice was deeply quiet.  Even the swooping, singing barn swallows calmed and came to a landing as we listened to our breath, connected inside, and began to move with awareness.  The loft felt transformed into a kind of sanctuary, lulled by the horses methodically chewing their dinner, shrouded in a beautiful sense of peace.  It was magical to be a part of.

Barn_Aisle_chickens_horseThis type of feeling takes practice.  It is not something that comes so natural or easy for many of us, although as my…

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26 Jun

Don’t miss this intriguing story on NPR about why many indigenous cultures are free from back pain, and what we can learn from them.  You can listen online.


Primal posture: Ubong tribesmen in Borneo (right) display the perfect J-shaped spines. A woman in Burkina Faso (left) holds her baby so that his spine stays straight. The center image shows the S-shaped spine drawn in a modern anatomy book (Fig. I) and the J-shaped spine (Fig. II) drawn in the 1897 anatomy book Traite d’Anatomie Humaine.


5 Minute Pranayama

2 Jun

Today my physiology colleagues and I presented our poster at WWU, where we studied the impacts of Pranayama (breathing) and Viparita Karani (inverted pose or legs up the wall pose) on blood pressure in college-age women.

Our results showed that a 5-minute breathing practice significantly lowered blood pressure from a baseline measurement. The above recording was what we used for participants in all trials. The cool thing is it only takes 5 minutes to create a measurable change!

Breathe deep,


Adventure Yoga Retreat!

23 May

A Biking Yoga Beach Picnic!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.27.21 PMHere’s the scoop:

Saturday, June 27th
10:00 am – 2:30ish (?) pm
Pack a lunch, wear your suit, and bring your bike!

Join us for a leisurely bike ride down the Cascade Trail, where we’ll end at the sandy banks of the Skagit River for a gentle yoga practice, followed by a packed lunch, a dip in the river (it’s going to be a scorcher on Saturday!) and soaking in the sun.  Hope you can come.  Invite a friend!.  Free, in celebration of summer and connecting with Nature!

  • Meet at the small crushed gravel parking lot on Polte Road, just off Township.  We’ll take off at 10am, so arrive in time to unload your bike and pack your backpack.The_Route
  • Bike down the Cascade Trail about 6.8 miles (Google Maps estimates it takes 33 minutes, but we’ll take it easy and stop many times to really take in the scenic farmland & foothills views)
  • We’ll reach the Ann Wolfred River Edge Park, secure our bikes, and walk to the sandy banks of the Skagit River, where we will:
    • Practice yoga in the sand
    • Eat our packed lunches
    • Swim in the river
    • Lounge in the sun
    • Watch for birds and salmon
  • Then we’ll bike back home!


Above, one of the first glimpses of the Skagit River along the way, the perfect spot for a brief Sun Salutation and a few choice poses to help balance a biking-body (that may or may not be in the best biking shape!).

Donation-only for this fun festivity.  Bring your own water and lunch (and sunsrcreen!).

Please RSVP by replying below, joining on facebook or contacting Jessie