Mantra Meditation

GaneshLearn to quiet the mind and connect inside as Jessie Tierney, E-RYT, leads the group through a Mantra Meditation Practice. In this class, Jessie will guide you in the repetition of sacred sounds, japa mantra, to develop inner focus and a deep connection to your True Self.  After mantra, we sit silently in meditation together.

Inquire with Jessie at 312 857 3454




TimerPlease join our virtual community on the Insight Timer app!

Insight timer is a meditation app you can get for your smartphone.  In “Groups,” search for the Skagit Valley Mantra Meditators.  You can find meditation guidance, tips, and so much more there!

 This is such a wonderful way to help you commit to a daily meditation practice, connect with mindful community, track your sessions, find guided meditations or set up a simple timer for your mantra meditations or silent practice out of the group setting.  It is a low-cost app that you can use any time, any where.  Find it on the app store through your smart phone by searching for Insight Timer.

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