Photo: Embody Physical Therapy

Photo: Embody Physical Therapy

As an aspiring Physical Therapy student (I am currently taking my DPT prerequisites at Western Washington University), I am very interested in the intersection of Yoga with Physical Therapy.

“This is an area that is under-researched.” ~George Salem, Ph.D. from the video entitled “The Science of Yoga,” produced by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine below:


It is my intention to take stock of what has been studied and what needs to be studied, in order to be prepared for working in the burgeoning Yoga Research field within Physical Therapy.

Scholarly Papers: Asana Practice

Scholarly Papers: Dharana (meditation)/Pranayama (breathing) Practice

Physical Therapists who teach Yoga



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  1. Loves | Jessie Tierney - December 7, 2013

    […] I am feeling so deeply grateful for having Sweet Natan in my life during this time of transition back to school as I pursue my big dream of becoming a Physical Therapist! […]


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