Private Yoga Sessions & Small Group Classes

PersonalizedPRIVATE YOGA

Exchange: $75 for one hour session. Includes:

  • Yoga Goals Intake Questionnaire (due 5 days before we meet)
  • One-hour Hatha Yoga session, making sure the practice meets your goals and is appropriate for your body
  • A written take-home practice personalized for you

Private yoga sessions are designed to:

  • Help you establish a home practice routine that is appropriate for your body.
  • Empower you with a foundation of confidence and body awareness that will enable you to participate safely in a group yoga class.
  • Address individual / therapeutic needs.

Jessie loves the creative process of unveiling the root of a physical imbalance and finding ways to make yoga accessible for all.  She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student and has years of experience as a yoga instructor in a therapeutic setting.

Hatha Yoga is not about gaining flexibility, but finding a healthy balance between flexibilitystability, and strength.  Woven within these qualities are the more subtle aspects of self lovedeep peace and connection to your highest potential.  Jessie invites you to explore the body-mind and build a lifelong practice that can bring beauty and grace and wellbeing into every aspect of your life.


Contact Jessie to schedule your private session.